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The StepDaddy Synopsis

What happens when your entire life has been about family, love, faith, and God?
Sallie Wills has gotten older now, and she pretty much spends her time sitting in her rocking chair on her porch looking across the street at the old church where she once was the 1st lady with her now deceased husband Bishop George Taylor…
Mama Sallie doesn’t have the same faith she once had since the death of her husband, but she makes sure her daughter Rochelle and her kids, 10-year-old Maurice, and 15-going-on-21-year-old Tisha, stay on track, especially if they’re living in Ms. Sallie’s home.
With the kids’ father dying in an accident, everyone is trying to encourage Rochelle to get up and find love again since it’s been so long…. What people don’t realize is, you don’t go looking for love; you allow love to find you, because everything that shines isn’t gold and everyone that’s tall, brown, with a great smile, a job, a nice body, and handsome can’t be trusted. In the words of Ms. Sallie, “everything that looks good to you ain’t good for you.”
When Rochelle finally meets someone, and he comes to the house, Mama Sallie knows he definitely is not who he is claiming to be, and she doesn’t mind telling him.
Paul–if that’s really his name–doesn’t have a problem playing the role to get what he wants from Rochelle. In fact, all Paul ever wanted is a ready-made family that he can love, take care of, and lead as the head of the family. Paul thought he had found his perfect family, and he has… with the exception of Ms. Sallie, who is standing in his way.
Everyone has a past, but no one has a past like Paul. This game of “find the Paul,” who did it, manipulation, faith, evil, hate, deception, crime, death, love, family, revenge, and HELL is one game no one should ever want to play.
Who is this mysterious man, and why are so many special agents, police, detectives, and families looking for him? Only “The Step Daddy” himself knows why…
Mama Sallie has a feeling she’s seen him before in her dreams and knows his story. And sometimes, dreams unfortunately come true.
The “step” in front of “Daddy” is for you to get to know the person before you allow them to step into your life.
This Thriller/Horror based in Dayton, Ohio will have you second-guessing anyone you decide to date and will make you appreciate the love of a Mother…
Because Mama is always right when it comes to finding a new Daddy.

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